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Supply and delivery of Lucerne and other grasses

Agric Consulting also market and , supply and delivery of grasses suitable for cattle (dairy and beef), sheep, goats, horses and game to customers across South Africa to clients.The business bridges a gap between grass farmers and livestock farmers, government organizations that support farmers and other private clients by marketing and supplying the grasses on their behalf. The business also provides transportation of the grasses all over South Africa.

The business prides promise to supply and deliver superior and highest quality products to its clients on time. The business supplies only Grade A and B and delivers according to the specifications of its clients. We strive to always be the best at our game. We are friendly and professional and take on all our doings with integrity.

Our Grasses

  • Lucerne(alfalfa)
  • Hay grass
  • Teff.
  • Ergotis
  • Wheat Straw
  • Maize Hay